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About Us

At Rookies Sports Club, we strive to foster a competitive and supportive environment where young athletes can develop their skills both on and off the basketball court. We aim to instill values, such as hard work and dedication, in every individual that we train so that they may have success in every aspect of their lives.

Our talented staff of coaches have the experience and expertise to provide top notch training to push each individual we train to their full potential. We are passionate about empowering young boys and girls to achieve their dreams in all aspects of life.


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Club Teams

Compete against high-level competition in British Columbia through various tournaments and leagues. Our teams range from U9 to U17, offering players of all ages and skills the opportunity to grow and thrive not only as athletes, but as members of society. Join us for an exciting basketball journey, where competition meets development, and every player finds their path to success.

Skill Development

Level up your game with our Skill Development program, crafted for those seeking a deep understanding of basketball fundamentals. Our program provides a dynamic mix of skill enhancement and engaging sessions, allowing each player to find their rhythm and master the essentials of the game.

Near the end of the program, we host an exciting in-house tournament, bringing together all our athletes for a thrilling showcase of friendly competition.


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